Our firstborn’s wedding 

Our firstborn daughter Kayla had her dream destination wedding in Puerto Rico this Summer. It was so beautiful.

Such a beautiful wedding destination at Aquadilla, Isabella Puerto Rico

So proud I’m the MOB

I was not able to afford the wedding day trip to Puerto Rico, but I did see it live on Facebook live, it was very fast, and simple. All their pictures were amazing. We are all so happy for the newly weds.

I was happy she got a chance to enjoy our motherland Puerto Rico the whole week they were out there for their dream wedding.

La Coco
El Yonque

It was a lot of excitement for us all. Kayla’s dress was perfect and she was a gorgeous bride.

She smiles from heaven

And I know my mom was smiling from heaven.

Kayla & Tom’s wedding dinner

United to Cut the Cake

Later when we  all had a chance to gather we celebrated with a simple family dinner with delicious Puerto Rican dishes and a cute newlyweds game.


Castro Bunch Introduction 

Greetings from Maria &  the Castro Bunch👪😚

We are a large family and growing, thanks be to God. I love my family  and love all that God is doing through us to be a blessing to others. Only God can take a “mess and turn it into a message, a test into a testimony,”and our lives are blessed in Jesus Christ to be a blessing. My husband Max Sr. is a good hardworking father, he loves to cook, grill, take us out to eat and take us to church and drive us on family trips. He is always making sure we are safe, laughing, updated on news, and prays to God with us as a family. Together, Max and I married 25 plus years, have seven children, including  three young adults: Terrance(27) lives in Michigan working in Roofing,  Kayla (26) now married to Tom,and Max Jr(24). Our three teens are: Angelina(16), Quintin (14) both in high school and our old daughter IndiAna(13) is in middle school and the babies of the family are Julio (11) in 5th grade and Mikaila(7) in 2nd grade.

In the family portrait below we were celebrating at church back in 2013. We are all very involved at church and in our communities.

As a family we have seen bad days and good days. We have suffered through job loss, homelessness, and bad storms. Many have been our afflictions financially through losing our identity, we were with our electric power in our home many days, we were having to live in shelters because of losing employment, our homes, and living through bad storms that took us out our home. But God has delivered us and kept us safe through it all.

Apart from God we can do nothing~ because of Jesus Christ we are possible! I am blessed to say whenever  I call on God, in prayer in Jesus name, He hears and answers me, because He first loved me. Once, I was lost in sin without Jesus but he loves me and when I called on him, He saved me and I became a born Again Christian and same for everyone in my family~ Praise God!